What We Do

  1. Around the world, both public and private sector clients call on us
  2. More than 1000 projects every year, in the fields of water, infrastructure, the environment and construction
  3. Sustainable and innovative solutions contribute to achieving the #globalgoals

Sustainable solutions for societal challenges

Our clients face major challenges as they set about building safe, liveable and accessible cities with adequate clean water and sustainable energy provision. They want to create pleasant residential and business environments, in which companies can manufacture products in a sustainable manner. We advise and help them to make the right choices.

Clients and markets

Around the world, both public- and private-sector clients call on Vatten Pro to help resolve the challenges they face. We provide advice to contractors, engineering and architectural firms, energy and water companies, railway and port authorities, and industry. In the public sector, we work for national governments, water boards, and provincial and local authorities. Our activities cover the entire chain, from policy-making and design to contracting and supervising construction. Vatten Pro aims to establish long-term relationships with her clients that enables us to meet their needs and expectations as effectively as possible while delivering maximum added value.

Executing projects on water, infrastructure, environment and construction is our core process. Our recommendations and designs focus mainly on four areas of expertise.

Our areas of expertise

Institutional consultancy;

  • Assistance relating to public services management – PPP
  • Environmental assessment
  • Institutional and organisational studies for water management
  • Economic and pricing policy studies
  • Organisation of water users
  • Assessment of public policy
  • Sustainable policies and sustainable development

Technical assistance

  • Short, medium and long-term expert assignments
  • Selecting experts and expertise
  • Organising teams
  • Project management assistance
  • Project evaluation and monitoring
  • Training

Design & Construction Engineering and Management

  • Design studies (preliminary and detailed design, final design)
  • Tender Documents for works contractors
  • Works supervision
  • Design-build projects
  • PPP

Project implementation and organisation;

  • General assistance to project owners
  • Organisation of finance
  • Project organisation and management assistance
  • Design-Build-Operate activities
  • Works management and acceptance
  • Assistance to organise consultation processes

General studies and development planning

  • Regional and sector planning
  • Economic studies
  • Master planning
  • Land-use management and development schemes
  • Integrated natural resource management
  • Protected area management plans

Technical studies

  • Project feasibility, project identification, preliminary studies
  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Hydraulics
  • Civil engineering
  • Electromechanics
  • Geotechnics
  • Economics, finance
  • Mathematical modelling

Environmental studies, permitting, listing and planning permission procedures

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental monitoring observatories
  • Water law planning applications
  • Listed Facilities declarations
  • Danger analysis
  • Safety studies
  • Risk Prevention Plans
  • Risk mapping

For a whole range of activities we do.


Adding value through projects

Every year, we work on more than 100 projects. In our projects and design assignments, our seven sustainable design principles help us to truly embed sustainability in projects. The sustainable design principles are helpful in tackling the impact of climate change, efficient and sustainable use of resources, protecting the environment and biodiversity, as well as the promotion of integrated chain management and (public) participation. In this way, we can maximise both the impact of our solutions and our contribution to the themes that are relevant for us.

Integrated approach

Complex issues require an integrated project approach. Together with the parties involved, each one with their own disciplines, we set about finding the best solution to increase our joint impact. Besides technical skills, Vatten Pro possesses expertise in all water related activities, construction costs and financing, contracting and calls for tenders, process supervision, project and contract management, legal affairs and organisational issues.


In principle, our projects form the framework for innovation and knowledge development. New solutions often require ‘launching customers’ – clients with guts. We frequently make intelligent use of the rapid developments in digital technologies such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Building Information Modelling and DNA techniques. 

Our Services

Vatten Pro Ltd has a rich experience in the following fields;

Vatten Pro Ltd undertakes assessment studies from water resources, both groundwater and surface water and both water quality and water quantity. Water Resources Assessments provide the foundation to make informed decisions in developing water resources from large scale water supply for human development or irrigation for commercial farming, but also to predict the future impact of climate change on groundwater resources. Vatten Pro Ltd is highly experienced in undertaking hydrogeological studies, water quality studies and groundwater monitoring network design and data analysis.

Vatten Pro is your ideal partner for making the optimal use of the available water resources. Vatten Pro is specialist in rural and urban borehole siting, using geophysical techniques, borehole drilling (supervision) and rehabilitation, as well as borehole test-pumping supervision and analysis. Our hydrogeological expertise enables a sustainable and optimal development of water resources. Vatten Pro is also your partner in industrial/mining water supply, water resources development feasibility and planning studies, and rainwater harvesting.

Vatten Pro knows how to manage water resources in a sustainable manner for present and future generations while gaining economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits. We design management plans and monitoring networks for streams, boreholes and springs.

In order to get insight into the value for money and sustainability of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programmes, it is of paramount importance to provide updated regional and nationwide assessments of the operational sustainability of the provided water and sanitation services.

Vatten Pro has profound experience in carrying out baseline, mid-term and endline surveys for WASH implementation programmes, including household surveys, community focus group discussions and interviews with key stakeholders. Vatten Pro can also assist in community mobilization and in water and environmental sanitation and hygiene education.

Vatten Pro conducts baseline, mid-term and endline surveys for household development assessment, gender equality studies, reproductive health studies as well as family asset calculations.

Geophysical surveys are a powerful tool in all kind of hydrogeological and hydrochemical studies, for example to map aquifer geometry, to examine groundwater contamination or salt water intrusion, to acquire an indication of the groundwater potential and / or to indicate optimum locations for drilling and installing production boreholes.

Vatten Pro is highly experienced in conducting geophysical field surveys, which are preceded by the identification of target sites based on the presence of lineaments, known geological structures and presence of known high yielding boreholes.

Vatten Pro has the equipment to conduct Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT), a 2D resistivity profiling method to determine both the lateral and vertical variation in resistivity, as well as Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES), a depth sounding method to determine the vertical variation of resistivity, carried out at anomalies detected during Parallel Resistivity Profiling.

Vatten Pro is highly skilled and experienced not only in the geophysical field surveys but also the evaluation and reporting of the geophysical measurements (hydrogeological interpretation), which forms the starting point for groundwater resources development and management.

Ever since the start, Vatten Pro has had a strong component of GIS, GPS mapping and topographic surveying. By combining existing data, remote sensing, field data collection, and data interpretation with ArcGIS, comprehensive and reliable maps can be created. Vatten Pro can assist with data collection, database set-up and management, GIS mapping and analysis for any project requirements. 

Vatten Pro has access to a large amount of maps, data, and shapefiles, which are used in our projects. For almost any project GIS maps are produced, starting from simple location maps to interpolated thematic maps. GIS tools are often used for data interpolation and spatial analysis, examples are: groundwater potential interpolation, catchment analysis, and water supply coverage evaluation. 

Vatten Pro can assist with data collection, database set-up and management and information management systems for any project requirements.

Groundwater models can be used to simulate and predict groundwater flow systems and aquifer conditions. With a groundwater model, the effects of hydrological changes (like groundwater abstraction developments) or hydrochemical impacts (like salt water intrusion or groundwater contamination and remediation) can be predicted. As such, groundwater models can be used in various water management plans for urban areas, but also for the support of irrigation schemes or rural water supply systems.

Vatten Pro is proficient in groundwater modelling, using the powerful graphical interface and modelling capacity of Visual MODFLOW.

Vatten Pro Ltd has a long history in the support of organisations in setting up administrative and technical procedures, organisational development and policy development in the water sector.

Vatten Pro Ltd in association with Ugandan environmental specialists, all accredited by NEMA, is able to assist you in environmental scoping, impact assessments etc in all development sectors. We will ensure an efficient execution of the project and high quality end products. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you in your project and for any additional information on our experts.


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